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Sommellier of the Year
July 2023

I was delighted to once again manage the 2023 Taittinger UK Sommelier of the Year competition, with the UK Sommelier Association and The Caterer team and hope to be helping in 2024.

The finals were held at The Hilton Park Lane London on Monday 17th July 2023 and the winner was Agnieszka Swiecka, on only her second attempt!

It is always inspiring to work with such a dedicated and enthusiastic team. This year marks the 41st UK Sommelier of the year competition, again hosted by Nicolas Clerc, President of the UK Sommelier Academy. An impressive turnout saw over 205 supporters watching the gripping live final.

To read about the final on the Caterer's website please click here:

Winner announced for 2023 Taittinger UK Sommelier of the Year - The Caterer

The winner of the 2022 UK Sommelier of the Year was Vincenzo Arnese, Head Sommelier at Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester. The second place went to this years winner, Agnieska Swiecka, Head Sommelier at The Five Fields. An amazing feat as this was her first ever time competing and in 3rd place Gareth Ferreira, Head Sommelier at Core by Clare Smyth. Congratulations to you all.

To read more about the 2022 Final please follow the link here: Winner announced for 2022 Taittinger UK Sommelier of the Year - The Caterer

If you would like to see where a winning sommelier aspires to be here is some video from Best Sommelier in the world, Antwerp March 2019 to watch on FaceBook - click here.

See some Sommellier Action on the BBC here and read about the 2019 competition if you...

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UK Restaurant Manager of the Year

I have also previously been the main organiser of the UK Restaurant Manager of The Year in association with the Institute of Hospitality and the Academy of Food & Wine Service. There was another talented line up of competitors this year and I wish all involved every success as the competition grows and develops in the future. Check the website www.restaurantmanageroftheyear.co.uk for details click below for details of earlier competitions.

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Anything Else
Going Forward...

For four years I organised the secretariat side of The Roux Scholarships, one of the hospitality industries most prestigious competitions for young chefs - www.rouxscholarship.co.uk.   This requires tomorrows talent to show their skills to gain a life changing experience......

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