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We Will Rise!

As we emerge from the effects of Covid-19 many of us will be seeking new ways of working and new ways of sustaining our business in the future. Sadly, no-one has a crystal ball regarding the future but what we do know is that it gives the hospitality industry the opportunity to press the reset button.
What do I mean by reset? Well this is the chance to take stock of your business and decide if you really want to emerge the same? Examine all that was good and bad about your business, be ruthless in this as only an honest approach will drive change.
Yes, we can all be nostalgic about the good old days, but let’s be totally frank, was it all good? Can you, hand on heart, say you wouldn’t change a thing? And there you have it, the opportunity to press the re-set button is actually now. I know you will have thought or even said in the past “If I could do it all again I would…..” So what’s stopping you? It’s probably “you” - just because it’s the default option. Remember if you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got.
Changing just one thing might not have a great impact, but just suppose you changed a lot, even everything!
As an industry we are currently in the spotlight, we have been recognised for the importance that we have in society, we are the third largest employer in the country, we contribute so much to the economy and yet we still are considered by so many as a last resort occupation.
Let’s change that viewpoint now. We offer careers not stop-gaps, show that you are a considerate, sustainable employer and business. Have a clear vision as to how you would like the world to perceive your business and create your business strategy to reflect this. Shout loud and proud about what you do and instil this in all your teams. Practice what you preach and be prepared to stand up for what you believe in. Customers want to know what you’re doing and be part of your story as much as your staff do, so let them be involved in your successes as this will keep them loyal and support you as everything begins to get back to the “New Normal” – whatever that brings.
Don’t be frightened of not discounting, go for the “under offer & over deliver” approach. One day soon you will have to survive without any Government support or incentives, so your business choices have to be sustainable, you want your customers to return for all the right reasons after all. Remember customers can be fickle and many will chase discounts and offers, but moving forward price cutting only damages your bottom line and therefore cannot be good for anyone.
Ensure your teams are ready and able to deliver a great experience to each and every customer, empower and sanction staff to use their judgement as to how to go the extra mile for your customers, this will pay dividends to both the giver and the receiver and definitely help to make their day go better. Remember memorable experiences don’t have to cost money, but they always create value.
There’s no magic wand to any future success. Life and business aren’t fairy tales, but just like the Phoenix we can all become legends in our own way, so let’s rise to the challenge and trail a blaze to future success.


Suzanne Weekes has over 30 years of industry experience in teaching and training. She is able to relate to employees at all levels. Since 2017 she has been an independent consultant, offering practical business solutions, hands on training and advice to get the best out of people in the work place.