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The Hotel Inspector And Me
17 July 2017

Hatcs are proud to have worked with Alex Politzi on the 13th series giving training and advice on service at Churston Court in Brixham, Devon.

I was tasked to spend 48 hours at the hotel and working with the staff and owners to reinvigorate their service standards and embed a base of service skills from which they could progress to offer a more consistent and contentious service.

Having anonymously observed the service and facilities on the first night of my stay I prioritised my training list based on their immediate needs. I was then introduced to the team on the first morning and training immediately commenced. For most of the young team it was the first formal training session they had ever had at the hotel, this meant they had a lot to learn in such a short space of time, but they were willing to learn and enjoyed learning how to give good service to their guests.

By the end of the second day when they were tasked with serving afternoon tea to a large group from the local bowling club the team had remembered what they had been trained: communication, being hospitable, listening and interaction as well as the food and beverage service skills training. Overall, they performed well and feedback from the guest were highly complementary.

It was a pleasure to work with so many enthusiastic young people who just wanted to learn.


You can watch a bit of the programme here: