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April brings a new financial year and a time for reflection over the past year. Our success is not only measured by the profits created but also by the successes of the business which are not always financially evident.

Reflection for me is important as it reminds me of the people I have met over the last twelve months through my work, social relationships and as part of my personal growth. These relationships show me the desire within humans to be sociable, to have company, experiences and a feeling of worth. Working for “the greater good” doesn’t always require monetary recompense, but it does require people to feel valued and to be empathetic to the needs of others.

Liam's BurgerUsing the SWOT analysis technique write into the matrix under the heading’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats your success achievements, failures and possibilities. Do this on a personal as well as business level, then ask yourself what are you most proud of? What should you focus on for the coming year, and how you will achieve this.

This analysis doesn’t mean you drop last years activities because they failed/succeeded, but it allows you to see where you made the most impact, and if these remain your focus for the coming year or if you need to adjust your activity to fulfil your success ambitions.

Reflection enables us to reveal so much about our relationship with others and our place in societies. Celebrating their successes and supporting them in their success journeys brings rewards beyond financial measurement, it fulfils that basic, intrinsic need that we as humans need to feel valued, useful and part of something greater than just ourselves.


Suzanne Weekes has over 30 years of industry experience in teaching and training. She is able to relate to employees at all levels. Since 2017 she has been an independent consultant, offering practical business solutions, hands on training and advice to get the best out of people in the work place.